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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is China's People's Armed Police Crying Wolf to Terrorize its Citizens?

Big Brother China is either jittery,
or has some explaining to do.
• First a hijacking is reported by the People's Armed Police in Xinjiang.
• Next it is reported that the hijackers have been subdued.
• Now it is reported that it is a bomb on the plane, and earlier hijack versions deleted. The plane is reported to be inbound from Afghanistan.
• Then a report that the plane will not be allowed to land in Urumqi.
• Pictures followed showing the Peoples Armed Police going to the Airport.
• Next, the English version of these pictures were labeled as if they were leaving the Airport.
• At which point the plane was said to have landed in Afghanistan.
• NATO reports that no plane with a bomb on board has landed, and if one had, they would know.
• NATO reports that a plane was turned back from China, but it was due to a paperwork problem, and that the reason it landed in Kandahar and not Kabul where it originated is due to bad weather in Kabul.
This really has the appearance of a Chinese news report that scares people about terror, ends up being followed up on by social and mainstream media... and paints China into a corner as the boy who cried wolf. So far, I haven't seen a decent explanation.

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